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Sturgeon Bay Open

These boys are Sturgeon Bay bound. Back to back tournaments on Sturgeon Bay this month.

Prefishing NABC Sturgeon Bay with Luke Ronnestrand. #donkeybass Approaching fish number 75 today!

Good Morning from Sturgeon Bay. What a great view! Day Two of prefishing for NABC this Sunday. Event will air on NBCSN and Pursuit this fall.

Day Three practice on Sturgeon. #HUKGEAR

No big fish today - Day5 - so I took a pic of this big guy instead. Is it just me or does he look like he needs a hug? #sadboats

Finished in 30th at Cabela's NABC.Although we had a great week pre-fishing and found some great fish, the right bites weren't there come tourny time. Patterns started shifting late in the week and kept me constantly changing gears. Between tournaments the water temps dropped almost 15 degrees in some places. Definitely a big change took place while we were there and unfortunately not in our favor. Boat #134 at the 25th Annual ‪#‎sturgeonbayopen‬ wound up in 48th out of 163 after day one. We were striking distance from a paying finish, but a big bag was definitely needed for day 2. Although we were cautiously optimistic that our big fish was out there, we only managed 4 good bites on day and had to fill our limit with two 14" fish. Finished 64 out of 163, but had a great time.

Thank you ‪#‎mercurymarine‬, #‎rangerboats‬ and @humminbirdfishing for giving me the confidence to go anywhere on ‪#‎sturgeonbayopen‬ water.

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