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Michael Walters fishing
Dave and Barb Walters Walleye Champs
Dave and Michael Walters fishing
Michael Walters Fishing

"Michael always presents himself in a very professional manner and his ability to retail product sets him apart from the rest of the crowd."


- George Liddle, Ranger Boats

From an early age, Michael has been immersed in the fishing business. Michael’s parents were both professional tournament anglers when walleye circuits, sponsorships and media development were in their infancies. Summers were spent on the road, touring from event to event, photo shoots, interviews, product testing and field research as his parents were key partners with Lund Boats, Mariner, Berkley, Quantum and Stearns.


Instead of continuing to fish after graduation, Michael pursued a business degree and career in sales, marketing and brand development. In 2003, he formed a strategic business development firm, called studio503. With unique methods, practices, and philosophies, the team at 503 has built an extensive network of partners such as Wal-Mart, Office Depot, Minnesota Wild, NHL, Fast Company Magazine, Newsweek, Target Stores and over 20 national retailers and 22 professional sports teams and leagues.


Not until having a daughter at the age of 25 did Michael return to the water and rediscover his passion for angling. He quickly identified gaps in marketing, brand development, identity, social media, and overall ROI measurement of professional anglers and set out to apply his assets in business towards filling the gaps and providing solutions to the angling industry. This was the launching point for Michael’s decision to focus on angling professionally, building partners in the industry and infusing his business strengths into the fishing industry.


In 2012, Michael added an outdoor brand to the studio503 portfolio, called TEAM503. The purpose of creating the brand and team was to cover a broad range of species and circuits to reach more anglers and potential anglers more effectively and quickly. In the Midwest, Michael was one of the first modern anglers to employ a team to follow along on his events to document, film, promote and produce content for use online and through social media, addressing the need for more direct media interaction with consumers and increasing influence. Extending this to a complimentary team of anglers would extend the reach and allow for the TEAM to interact with more people, grow the sport of fishing and increase impressions and impact with consumers.


Michael feels strongly about conservation, education and fostering family values in our youth to preserve and grow the sport of fishing. He is equally excited about where he and TEAM503 are positioned in the industry and their continued role in growing the industry.


If you are looking for a true brand ambassador with a deep passion for the sport of fishing and a successful business background, he would be excited to discuss a partnership with you and your organization.  Click the button below to contact him.

Michael Walters Fishing
Michael Walters Fishing with daughter
A day at the office
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