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Gearing up for Frogging in Heavy Slop and Cover

Frogging in heavy slop

Some of the hardest fights in bass fishing are those battles fought in heavy lillypads, reeds, rice and other dense cover. One of the worst feelings is losing a trophy bass simply because you couldn’t get it out of the pads quickly enough or because you used gear that wasn’t heavy enough. Don’t take any chances losing your biggest bass this summer and gear up for heavy cover frogging.

Here is what I use to increase my odds of winning the battle:

The Set Up

  • 7’11” Thorne Bros. Predator HMF Rod (Mine is named “Swamp Thing”)

  • Abu Garcia “Rocket” Reel 9:1 Gear Ratio

  • 65 lb. PowerPro Super 8 Slick

The Frogs

  • Spro Popper Frog in black or white

  • Spro Brozeback Frog in black or white

  • For reeds, rice and rushes use the Spro Bronze Eye Frog and switch to the Popper Frog when fishing pads, duckweed and more sparse cover

  • Bright day = White Frog and Dark Day = Dark Frog

  • Trim 1/3 of the tailing legs to reduce short strikes and improve walk the dog action

The 7’11” Thore Bros. Predator is key to the setup. You can cast a mile and it has a heavy backbone to allow you to pull bullish bass out of extremely heavy cover. Any reel with at least 7:1 Gear ratio will work well, but the “Rocket” has the fastest retrieve speed to allow you to get the fish up to the surface and into the boat faster. The 65 lb. braid won’t break on the hookset or on a fish.

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